Shedding Season


by Kristin Chessrown

Kristin Chessrown is a young lady with a laser target focus on being who God has created her to be. She does not settle, will not bend to peer pressure while loving every person she comes in contact with. She has an innate ability to see untapped potential in others while celebrating who they are right this very minute. Kristin knows what it means to experience great loss as well as great intimacy with her loving Heavenly Father. You will be blessed by hearing her heart today.

Shedding Season by Kristin Chessrown

Deer are my favorite animal.  Every year male deer shed their antlers.  Growing up as a Michigan-Florida Hybrid, this has always fascinated me. How did they manage to get bigger every year? They had the same 365 years to grow them, how did they grow MORE the next year? Not to mention, why shed them every year, to begin with? Why couldn’t they just keep the old ones? They took so long to grow them just to let them go…

Turns out, bucks shed their antlers, every year, to save up nutrients and strength during the winter.  The process of letting those antlers go is uncomfortable and a little painful at times, and it results in two raw, tender spots where the antlers once were.  As a result, they’re more vulnerable and susceptible to attack after their shed, but they’ll survive the long winter better without the extra weight.

And then, when spring has sprung and food is aplenty again, they start to grow, and an older stronger buck, can use all of his extra nutrients growing his antlers, and not his own body, so they’re able to grow faster and larger every year.

Cool right?  Here’s the really cool part though, God wants you and me, to do the same thing.

There are a lot of old things in our lives that we use for protection, validation, and comfort.  We’ve got a lot of really good reasons to hold on to a lot of things, feelings, and patterns that we think we still need.

God has been leading me through the process of shedding some old things lately.  I kept feeling like it wasn’t fair. that I shouldn’t have to shed some of those things, not yet, I’m still so young, I’ve lost enough, I don’t want to let anything else go…  A few weeks ago, God, being the ever-patient and loving Father that He is, spoke to that.

I was researching antlers again, preparing for a new tattoo, of an antler, to remind me of all that growth I was putting off… and I learned something new… “shedding season” changes every year, based upon the conditions and the health of the deer.

If they face an especially hard winter, bucks will shed their antler earlier, and grow them back later.  If a particular buck is young, or weak, they do the same.

Here I was telling God that I’m too young, that it’s too early, that it’s too hard… all the while my favorite animal already had it all figured out.

Shedding season is such a beautiful example of the growth and new life that Christ wants to give us.  He wants to give you a new vision for this year, He wants to show you that you’re loved in new ways.  He wants you to grow and strengthen, but you’re going to have to let the old ways go, you’ll have to be raw and vulnerable for a time, and then watch as that new growth comes in.

What things is your loving Heavenly Father asking you to shed?

What old things do you need to let go of?

If you are not ready to do it, that is okay. The One who loves you is patient.

If you are ready but afraid…trust that the One who asks you to let go of the old has something new ready for you.

You are made to grow which means you are also made to shed.

Go ahead, let it go.

You won’t regret it.

You are loved.

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