Faith and a New Lipstick

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Ginger Goss is an amazing woman whose life shines as a testimony of her relationship with God.  She has many gifts and serves Jesus with trust and humility. One of her gifts is that she can write and share with us her wonderful relationship with the Father, or as she calls Him, “Daddy”.  I am honored to get to share her words with you. I know you will be blessed by her today! – Cindy Grasso

Faith and a New Lipstick
by Ginger Goss

I ran out of my favorite casual lipstick. Sad but true. However, I love the idea of heading to Ulta to pick up another. And to be honest, play with all the makeup. I’m like a kid in a candy store. Unfortunately, I found out after getting there, that it isn’t carried at our Cape Coral store. The nearest one is in Fort Myers. I had two choices. Stay where I am and find a new lipstick or get back in the car, fight rush-hour traffic, snowbird season, and all the chaos that goes along with that. I had put off replacing the old tube for a while. I needed to do something.

Jesus stressed over and over to ask God for what we need. Don’t freak out, just bring it to Him. “Ask, it will be given. Seek, and you will find….” (Matthew 7:7a). So often we want to put a cap on what we let God help us with. Have ya ever thought, “I can’t ask God for that?? It’s so silly or unimportant or not a necessity or whatever.” But guess what? God says bring all our cares to Him (1 Peter 5:7). There’s NO LIMIT to how big or little they seem to us. He provides. Every time. It’s not always what we asked for, BUT He always supplies what is BEST to meet the need. So I took it to God.

“Daddy, You brought me here for a reason. You knew my regular go-to color wasn’t available. Please lead me to another favorite!” Because, yes, I think God cares about the little things too… even lipstick!

As I started exploring new shades and brands, I got elated over all the choices…so much fun to try out new shades, hues, trends, and textures. Darker, lighter, shiny, matte, sheer, highly pigmented… sigh… my hand, and eventually my forearm, begin to resemble the explosion of colorful blooms at the local nursery.

Which reminded me of something I heard someone say recently at church. She said that her word for the year is “bloom.” Made me smile as I giggled at my arm. Yet, it got me thinking… “what’s my word for this season I’m in?” In the past, it was “peace” like when God taught me that regardless of what was going on, how chaotic and uncertain things appeared, I could still be at peace… through Him. Another season, it was “be still” and learn to let Him work. Another was “wait” … that’s probably been one of my least favorite. I don’t like to wait… but, oh the joy and treasures that come from His peace. …from being still… from waiting on Daddy’s timing. Last season was “holy.” Daddy drew me into new depths of Who He is… oh the joy for discovering more about Him… but that’s for another post.

As I’m wandering through the multitude of (mostly) gorgeous lipstick colors, I found another one. Different brand, texture, and color, but I love it. And it got me thinking, my lipstick is a lot like life. I could’ve been upset that I ran out of my old lipstick. I could’ve gotten mad that my local store didn’t carry it anymore. I could’ve pouted and backtracked and gotten frustrated fighting through traffic to get what I had before. I loved the old color. I would’ve enjoyed it again … but the frustration and trip to get it would’ve been awful. And….. I’d miss a blessing of my new shade by trying to force things to happen the old way. I know He led me to this store. Can’t explain it. Just know it. Faith in Him asks me to trust His guidance… to have faith that even in my little things He’s in control. My grandmother used to say, “Save your pennies. Pennies turn into nickels, nickels turn into dimes, dimes turn into quarters, and quarters turn into dollars.” That’s a lot like faith. Faith in smaller things, like a silly lipstick, teaches me to have faith in bigger things. As I save my faith pennies… they turn in to faith dollars.

Hmmm… that’s my word for the season… FAITH. Yes, that’s exactly what it is. Faith in the little things has been leading me to our faith in the bigger things. Faith to trust Him to take care of us, to provide for us, to lead us where He wants us to go. Faith that clings tightly to His promises IN SPITE OF what I see. FAITH that He’s still in control… FAITH that He’s still leading me… FAITH that I’m still hearing Him. FAITH as I step out into new areas that are not in my comfort zone… FAITH that compels me to let go of the past and excitedly explore the new adventure He has in front of me.

FAITH. Most definitely my word for this season. God literally turned our world upside down and that’s how we ended up here in Florida. Yes, we probably could have somehow made things work to stay up north, and it would’ve been “fighting a lot of traffic” to do it. But in spite of all the uncertainty, we really felt like God was leading us here. Yes, I loved the life we had in Columbus and in Pittsburgh before then. Yet, as incredible as those times were, God had something EVEN BETTER waiting for me and my family IF we would have faith to trust Him.

It’s been hard. Faith is hard sometimes. It requires complete reliance on God and not on ourselves. We’re taught early on to be independent. Faith leads to total dependence on Daddy.  Learn to love the season you’re in with all its ups and downs, all the heartaches and all the unforeseen blessings and treasures. Faith in Daddy and His timing is worth it. Because of my difficulties, my faith has grown… and is still growing. Yours will too.

Standing in line to check out, I smiled down at my new shiny gold tube of lipstick. It’ll remind me each morning about placing my faith in Him each day. It’s then that I noticed the name of the color “FAITH” … I can’t make that up. Yep, my new lipstick is called “FAITH.” His subtle reminder that each morning as I get ready for work, I’m putting on faith to face my day.

Don’t you LOVE God the Father’s sense of humor?!

“I KNOW the Lord is ALWAYS with me.” Psalm 16:8

1 thought on “Faith and a New Lipstick”

  1. These emails, each week remind me of Him, remind me Who He Is to me, and that He walks all my steps with me? thank you for the weekly reminder. Without your vision and these emails, with the beautiful messages from even more beautiful contributing women, I would be absent these weekly blessings??

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