Meet Me Here Moments

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Kristin Chessrown is a young lady with a laser target focus on being who God has created her to be. She does not settle, will not bend to peer pressure while loving every person she comes in contact with. She has an innate ability to see untapped potential in others while celebrating who they are right this very minute. Kristin knows what it means to experience great loss as well as great intimacy with her loving Heavenly Father. You will be blessed by hearing her heart today. – Cindy Grasso

Meet Me Here by Kristin Chessrown

God is really good at showing up.

The trick is, that we’ve got to be willing to find Him when He’s doing it.

In a way, I think the Old Testament Israelites had it easy.

God called them out of Egypt and led them around with pillars of cloud and fire.
I don’t know about you, but I don’t get a lot of those “pillar of fire” moments.

If I keep my eyes open though…
I am blessed with a lot of “meet me here moments.”

I beg for Jesus to show up in some grand way, and tell me where He wants me to go…
And He says “Here.  Meet me here.”

God meets me in a really good cup of stovetop Cuban coffee, in my favorite mug.
(Or a bad cup of diner coffee really late at night when sleep isn’t a priority, but friendship is.)

He meets me in a good creative project.
When my hair is now haphazardly pulled back and I have ink stains on my elbow —
He is there in the practice and in the final product that I’ve executed to the best of my ability.

In every cup of coffee, He is the comforter. Reminding me to take refuge in Him and He’ll give me more strength and energy than all the coffee beans in the world.

In every creative moment, He is the proud dad in the stands, a little too loudly proclaiming “That’s my kid. I taught her everything she knows.”

The thing is, I don’t need a pillar of fire.

But, I need both of those coffee and creative moments, and lots of them.

I need all the moments of God meeting me in ordinary moments and extraordinary ones.  I need God to help me grow and meet me when I am afraid and meet me in the places I don’t know what to do.

And He does.

He shows up.

For I am the Lord your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you.

Isaiah 41:13 NIV


I regularly forget that I have a God who is proud of me and wants to carry my burdens.
If I lose sight of the Father, coffee is just coffee and art supplies are just art supplies;
and neither will sustain me.

So, my beautiful beloved sister,

Where is God meeting you today?

I want to invite you to join me and the Beloved Team to our new Facebook Group called “Meet Me Here Moments”. It is a safe place where you can share the moments where God meets you, whether they are ordinary or extraordinary.  It is a space to be a part of a  community of real women, who deal with real issues who take refuge in a real God who loves them passionately and meets them regularly – wherever they are.

Here is how Pastor Cindy describes it:

When you ask Jesus to meet you wherever you are, He does. Some of my most impactful unforgettable moments with Jesus have been when I took a few minutes to ask Him to meet me. He has met me in the car, on my porch, on a break at work, in a hospital room, in my kitchen. This group is a place for you to share the moments where God meets you during the day, wherever you are and in whatever circumstances you find yourself. It is a safe zone to share your perspective of the world and places where He finds you. -Pastor Cindy Grasso


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