Janet Schultz is an amazing woman with a gift and passion for hospitality. She loves, gives and makes making breakfast for 200 people look effortless. She always has a smile on her face and brings joy with her everywhere she goes. You will love her straightforward, matter-of-fact faith today. – Cindy Grasso

by Janet Schultz

Legacy…what does it mean?

 Every day we live, our legacy is being made.

Our legacy will come in many different ways; people, encounters, places, and opportunities. Our legacy comes from the different things we did…or chose not to do.  We can’t change things from the past but we can change what we do today, changing our legacy.

Unfortunately in the last year, we have lost several very close friends. With regard to all our friends, we started thinking and remembering the good and difficult times. What we did during those times is how we will be remembered. 

We need to take time to visit friends, go to lunch, catch up, and just be there when they need someone. This is going to be part of your legacy. We are all guilty of saying we should call or go see so and so next week and don’t, and yes sometimes you don’t ever get to make that call or see them again.

A wonderful part of our legacy has been sharing what God has given us. We had a lake home in Wisconsin and every weekend it was overflowing with kids, friends, and clients. We didn’t think much of that until recently when we received a thank you note for flowers we sent for a funeral. The thank-you note included “the best days of Vic’s life were spent at Lake Beulah.” Wow! Vic would bring his family up some weekends and also had a week alone with his family every summer. His children refer to us as Aunt and Uncle.  

One weekend we had Big Brothers and Little Sisters up for a day with a bus full of kids. They won’t remember us but will remember someone did something nice for them and hopefully, they did something nice for others. The fun they had was a blessing to us and the people in charge who made the day happen.

Because of Facebook over the last few years, we have reconnected with some of our children’s friends, and have gotten comments from some of them and their memories of the lake house. 

We have also heard from kids Ed hired during the summer. They have reached out and thanked him for the job that helped them stay in college, or gain business tools for their career. We have wonderful memories of these young people. One summer one of the young guys accidentally ran the forklift into a wall, it was scary but no one was hurt… He was mortified and thankful he was still welcome to work the next day.  It’s wonderful to hear from them as adults and see their beautiful families. The fact that they still remember us brings back such joy and is part of our legacy. 

One of our employees named Thelma had cancer. We all decided to have a Thelma Day at the plant. We made it a surprise party at lunch with banners hung up and lots of food. Everyone chipped in and gave her money for some new furniture. Even during chemo, she came to work almost every day. Unfortunately, we lost Thelma a year later.  We still remember the joy she received that day, but we also remember the joy she gave us. Her Legacy is something I still think about. During all those tough days she always had a smile on her face and kind things to say. During our last visit with her in the hospital, we gave her an Angel pin, and she smiled.

A smile is a great legacy to leave your friends.

We all go thru hard times in marriage, jobs, children, and illness. How you handle the situation is how the people involved will remember you.

The years go by very fast. It’s easy to forget the times you shared with others and the impact you may have made on them…

Living in Florida we all know when “season” hits and you better have the guest room clean and ready to go. I had a conversation with some friends during “season” joking that we felt like a hotel. As one guest leaves, you wash and remake the bed for the next arrival. Someone suggested we do 3 layers of sheets and just strip off one at a time and you’re ready to go. To my knowledge no one ever did it.

Yes, sometimes it’s very inconvenient, lots of work, and expensive to have guests… What we need to remember is our guests may remember their visit for a lifetime, and it may be one of the best times they ever had. That’s going to be part of your legacy. 

Some of the best legacy memories to me are the things only God knows about. The time you anonymously donated to help someone or give the teacher something for a student in need, those types of things we all can do. Buying lunch, dinner, or coffee for someone we may not know.

Talking to my friend Rita one day she said I introduced her to TJ Maxx and eating cookies for breakfast, I have that in common with a lot of other friends too. I’m sort of known for the breakfast cookies; still my preferred breakfast. That’s a fun legacy.

Grandchildren and how they remember us is very important, we all need to leave them a legacy, hopefully, one that they will be proud to share and continue with others. Proverbs 13:22 A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children.

The most important legacy we can leave is the seeds we plant in others to know and follow Jesus. We can all do this: watching their journey and encouraging them along the way. My husband and I have watched two very special people on this journey; one is in heaven with Jesus now the other goes to church every week and loves the lord. 

On Christmas of 2000, we left our “CHURCH OF THE BED SPRINGS” watching church on TV. We attended the first Christmas service at the new facility of the Cape Christian Fellowship Church.  We were very well received and comfortable.  We knew it was going to be our church. 

The people that made the donations for that new facility never could have known how their legacy would benefit us and many others to follow. So many people worked hard, prayed diligently and gave their fortunes for this to happen. We were the beneficiaries of their legacy.

Since then we have been there to help with the growth of Cape Christian.  Now we have the honor of helping finance the new worship facility as part of our legacy for others. Our legacy has many miles to go and hopefully many years as well.  As they say “The Best Is Yet To Come”

Please think about what your legacy looks like. Now you can be a part of our new growth and leave a legacy for thousands of people in the years to come… Be a cheerful giver!

2 Corinthians 9:6-7,  “Remember this: Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously. Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.”

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