Girl on the Fringe


by Heather Garner

Luke 8 tells the story of a woman who suffered from a hemorrhage and spent all of her time and money on doctors and could not be healed by anyone. She bled. She cried. She pleaded. Yet still received no rest, no relief. This dear woman battled with illness for twelve years.

Hemorrhage is not a happy word. It sounds unsafe, harmful, dangerous. It is not just a noun, it’s a verb. An action. It means any widespread, uncontrolled, or damaging loss of valuable resources.  If you have felt the loss of tears, joy, freedom, peace, people, or even yourself, then you know deep in your soul, in your body, in your heart, that to hemorrhage is a real thing-an extremely painfully real thing.

I can barely imagine what she must have felt. Depleted, desperate, and depressed, she was more-than-likely bullied into isolation. Longing to embrace friends, go shopping at the market, or start a family. She surely felt robbed of the best years of her life.

This incredibly bold woman hears of Jesus and pushes her way through a crowd, hoping that if she can just touch His robe, things would change. She had to silence all of the doubt, the shame, the humiliation —to reach out to Jesus. In the most frantic reach of her life, she touched His robe, just the edge, the fringe, with the tip of her fingers. And immediately she was healed and her bleeding stopped.

Like all of us, my life has some history of damaging loss, deep wounds, and uncontrollable situations. I recently came to an awareness that I’m in a destructive relationship. With this awakening, I realized the negative impact and emotional damage it had on my children. In a 24-hour period, my oldest daughter moved out, my youngest daughter had a mental breakdown, my son watched us all fall apart.

The brutal truth of it all was so heavy, everything was out of control.  Amidst the chaos, it felt like an emotional avalanche. Overwhelmed, I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t stop crying. I felt weak. I was exhausted. I closed my eyes and prayed to Jesus, please help me through this. I took a deep breath, and took a small step toward Him. I reached out in desperation and He met me right there.

And just like the hemorrhaging woman, I knew it was over. In my spirit, I knew it was done. In that moment I knew my family was going to be ok. Not that everything was perfect and that there would still be some tough times ahead. But at that moment, I knew I was loved by a tender-hearted God that heals me and see me.  Jesus said to the woman, “Daughter, your faith (your personal trust and confidence in me) has made you well. Go in peace. (Luke 8:48)

Then Jesus said, “Who touched Me?” She came up trembling and fell down at His feet and declared she was healed. (Luke 8:45,47) The healing is amazing. However, the fact that Jesus asked around the crowd until He found her is beyond amazing. Why did He do that? I believe He felt the faith of her desperate reach. I believe He wanted to see her. I believe He wanted to have a face-to-face connection with the woman who had suffered for so long, and yet in her weakest moment, she found Him to be her strength. This wasn’t just a healing transaction or power exchange, she meant more to Jesus. So do I. And so do you.

Are there places in your life that you feel are hemorrhaging?

Do you know that you are the daughter of a King?

You are accepted.

You are valued.

You are Beloved.

Take a deep breath. Pray. Reach out to Jesus. Even if you can only muster the courage to grab a stitch, He’s waiting to meet you right where you are…




Prayer: Thank You, Jesus, for loving me, for seeing me, and meeting me in the midst of my brokenness. Continue to expose those places in my heart that need light. I am so grateful to be Your daughter. Restore my soul and give me a new strength to continue to fight the good fight. For me, my family, and Your Kingdom. Amen. 

Heather Garner is one of the strongest women I know. She loves passionately, listens carefully, and always looks for ways to help people. She is a mom who is raising her kids to live in the grace and truth of Jesus. She is the Care Director at Cape Christian, leads the Prayer Team and so much more. She is discovering her voice and allowing God to use her to bring freedom and hope to others. – Cindy Grasso

2 thoughts on “Girl on the Fringe”

  1. I suffered most of my life with feeling worthless a lot of the time and used ego addiction and abusive tactics throughout my life to cope. I started a journey with Jesus 24 years ago but always struggled with application I could talk a great game and even witness well but my motivations were wrong most to do with ego ( a false persona that kept me trapped. I tried many therapies and ministries and it became more and more frustrating throughout the years. Just when things looked their worst and me and my wife were calling it quits and cheating. I found the freedom specialist they were sharing their testimony and it struck a cord with me, it was expensive but I was desperate so I dove in. I saw results right away they showed me how to use exercise, breathing, and understanding how to change my habitual emotions, shake off my reactive emotions, and delete my situational emotions giving me a new awareness and way of living outside the trap of myself. God used the program and so many other things along the way and reminded me of the wife of my youth and the love I have for her and my kids is new it’s all for them my behavior changed almost immediately through relationship they changed towards me too! Praise God for miracles!!!


  2. This was so powerful to me! I really just want to hug Heather and you Cindy and say your beautiful and strong my sisters!! Thank you Cindy for sending me these emails, they always come at the right time. I’ve been struggling a bit with being lazy. There’s just too much time to do nothing. I did a little work with Heather, the past few weeks, which helped tremendously! Also working with 2 small groups for extreme makeover! Please pray for me to keep energized and focused on my journey with Jesus and our church and church family!! I love you all!!


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