The American Idol

BELOVED Blog by Coach Carla O’Brien The American Idol We, Americans and Western civilization, idolize comfort. This is a Holy Grail of a 1st world society. We shop for comfortable clothes and shoes. We live in comfortable homes and have comfortable conversations with comfortable friends. We eat comfort food in a comfort zone. Bishop TD… Continue reading The American Idol


The In-Between

Picture this: Your surrounding world is in chaos. Strange things are happening all around you.  Different leaders are saying different things and you have almost no idea who to believe. You're concerned about your livelihood. You wonder when life will get “back to normal” and you worry that it won’t. Then, you hear it’s going… Continue reading The In-Between


Girl, Take a Breath

by Heather Garner It was love at first sight when I met the beach. My soul had officially met its mate. The blue sky with those magnificent puffy white clouds, the warm sun was beaming, sand between my toes, a refreshing breeze blew my hair as I lounged in my beach chair along the shoreline.… Continue reading Girl, Take a Breath


Fully Known

By Carla O’Brien FULLY KNOWN I love the lyrics in the song “Fully Known” by Tauren Wells. The chorus proclaims –  I’m fully known and loved by you You won’t let go no matter what I do And it’s not one or the other It’s hard truth and ridiculous grace To be fully known and… Continue reading Fully Known