Don’t Give Up

What makes you want to give up? Discouragement? Frustration? Sugar in all its forms? I want to give up when I feel overwhelmed. Overworked.  Overdone. I want to give up when I feel like the work I have done has gotten me about 2 inches instead of 2 miles closer to the goal.  I want… Continue reading Don’t Give Up


Ordinary Moments

  You know, the very best moments are the ordinary ones. The moments that slip in and out of your life everyday carrying remnants of answered prayers and once longed for dreams. I got married when I was 23 years old and by the end of the first year of marriage, I was ready to be a… Continue reading Ordinary Moments


The Journey

You are loved, right this minute. You may think that you must become better, thinner, stronger or smarter to be loved by God but the most important truth you need to to know is that you are loved by Jesus right this minute just as you are, how you are and where you are. Sounds simple, right? Maybe I… Continue reading The Journey