Rule of Life

by Kristin Chessrown Shortly before the COVID pandemic, I was diagnosed with ADHD. As an adult, just shy of 30, this felt like the news was coming a little late. I was bewildered and quite frankly a little devastated at first. A recent conversation with my ADHD coach went something like this… Me: “I feel… Continue reading Rule of Life


First Things First

by Wendy Hingson So many people are overwhelmed, afraid, worried, stress, can’t sleep, and so on. Every day we are flooded with information, guidelines, and statistics from all over the world. Today, I want to take a minute to remind you of a simple but powerful truth: let God's Word have the first priority of… Continue reading First Things First


Heart 2 Heart

By Heather Garner The palm trees were swaying, the sunlight peeping through them perfectly, a pelican was hanging out near the pier by the water, as my son and I drove through my favorite park. This quiet place is where I go for “soul time.” I walk, take pictures, read, and journal. My family of… Continue reading Heart 2 Heart


Once Upon a Bunk Bed with Jesus

by Carla O'Brian. The BELOVED women’s beach retreat was just two weeks ago, but the theme “REST, PLAY, CELEBRATE” still vibrates in my soul.  I had the privilege of presenting the Saturday morning “PLAY” session to the ladies. Now, I consider myself quite an expert in this area. I recall being asked as a child,… Continue reading Once Upon a Bunk Bed with Jesus